Prof. Dr. George Floudas (   CV (English)/CV(Greek)                                      

     Ioannis Tzourtzouklis (PhD Candidate) (

      Marianna  Spyridakou (PhD Candidate) (

     Panagiotis Kardasis (PhD Candicate) (

Anthi Sapouna (MSc Candidate) (

     Vasileios Moschos (MSc Candidate) (

     Nikolaos Fotaras (MSc Candidate) (

     George Tsoumanis (Technician) (

Former Members

A. Post docs

  • Dr. A. Pipertzis (2020-2022)
  • Dr. S. Alexandris (2018)
  • Dr. G. Zardalidis (2017)
  • Dr. A. Iosifidis (2014)
  • Dr. M. Blochowiak (2006-2007) (MPI-P)
  • Dr. M. Mierzwa (2000-2001) (FORTH)
  • Dr. F. Schipper (2000-2002) (Marie-Curie Fellowship) (FORTH)
  • Dr. Κ. Kassapidou (2000-2001) (FORTH)
  • Dr. D. Lellinger (1998, 1999) (In collaboration with Prof. I. Alig, Darmstadt) (FORTH)
  • Dr. S. Pispas (1994, 1998) (In collaboration with Prof. N. Hadjichristidis) (FORTH)

B. Phd students

  • Dr A. Ananiadou (2018-2023): "Confinement effects on the structure and dynamics of molecules with a hydrogen bonding network"
  • Dr Chien-Hua Tu (2018–2021): "Polymer and Ion Dynamics by In-situ Nanodielectric Spectroscopy", currently Post-doc at University of Pennsylvania, USA.
  • Dr A. Pipertzis (2016-2020): "Ionic Conductivity in Solid Polymer Electrolytes with applications in Lithium ion Batteries", currently Post-doc at Chalmers University, Sweden.
  • Dr. Y. Yao (2015-2018) (MPIP): "Imbibition, Crystallization, and Dynamics of Polymers and Water under Nanometer Confinement ", currently Assistant Prof. University Basel (earlier position: Post-doc at ETH, Zurich).
  • Dr. S. Alexandris (2017): " Effect of Confinement on Dynamics of Amorphous Polymers", currently Post-doc at FORTH, IESL.
  • Dr. Y. Suzuki (2015) at MPIP: "How different is water crystallization from polymer crystallization under confinement?", currently Assistant Prof. at Osaka Prefecture University (earlier position: Colorado School of Mines, Golden, Colorado, U.S.A).
  • Dr. G. Zardalidis (2015):  "Effect of Structure on Ionic Conductivity of Homopolymers and Block-Copolymers", currently at Democritus University of Thrace.
  • Dr. C. Grigoriadis (2014): "Discotic Liquid Crystals of Nanographene: Self-assembly and Dynamics"
  • Dr. A. Gitsas (2008): "Effect of Architecture and Confinement on Dynamics of Polypeptides" currently Senior Scientist at Borealis, Linz, Austria (earlier position: Austrian Institute of Technology) 
  • Dr. M. Blochowiak (2007) at MPIP: "Structure and Properties of Norbornene-ethylene copolymers"
  • Dr. M. Elmahdy (2006): "Self-assembly and Dynamics of Liquid Crystals", currently Assistant Prof. at Mansoura University, Egypt (earlier positions: Univ. of Leipzig, and IPF, Dresden)
  • Dr. K. Mpoukouvalas (2006): "Effect of Pressure on Dynamics of Homolymers and Polymer Blends" currently at Fraunhofer ICT-IMM, Mainz (earlier positions: MPIP-P, Mainz)
  • Dr. P. Papadopoulos (2005): "Self-assembly and Dynamics of Polypeptides", currently Assistant Prof. at Univ. of Ioannina (earlier positions: Univ. of Leipzig, MPI-P, Mainz)

C. MSc students

  • V. Moschos (2023): "Nucleation and Dynamic Heterogeneity in alcohol/water Mixtures"
  • A. Sapouna (2002): "Effect of confinement on polymer crystallization and dynamics in Poly(ethyleneoxide)/Nanoclay Nacre-mimetic Nanocomposites"
  • P. Kardasis (2021): "Effect of Polyisoprene Chain Architecture on the Dynamics under Confinement"
  • M. Spiridakou (2021): "Molecular Dynamics of Polypeptide Copolymers under Confinement"
  • E. Galanos (2020): "Phase diagram and kinetics of self-assembly in tapered block-copolymers"
  • Ch. Livitsanou (2019): "Normal modes in tapered block copolymers"
  • C. Politidis (2019): "Effect of Confinement on Dynamics of Amorphous Polymers"
  • A. Selevou (2017): "Effect of Confinement on Self-Assembly and Dynamics of Liquid Crystals"
  • A. Pipertzis (2016): "Ionic Conductivity in Discotic Liquid Crystals of Nanographene"
  • G. Zardalidis (2011): "Understanding and Perceptions of Undergraduate Students of Forth Semester on Thermodynamics"
  • C. Grigoriadis (2011): "Self-Assembly and Dynamics in Discotic Liquid Crystals of  Graphene"

D. Undergraduate/Diploma students

  • N. Fotaras (2023)
  • E. Iliopoulou (2022)
  • M. Danikas (2020)
  • T. Theodoridis (2019)
  • E. Galanos (2018)
  • L. Theodoridis (2017)
  • T. Nevolianis (2016)
  • T. Dimitriadis (2016)
  • V. Margaritis (2015)
  • P. Panagos (2014)
  • N. Tassios (2009)
  • C. Grigoriadis (2008)
  • N. Gomopoulos (2003-2004)
  • A. Gitsas (2001-2003)
  • E. Ioannou (2001-2003)
  • D. Peristeraki (2002-2003)
  • C. Gravalides (1998-1999) (Department of Physics, University of Crete and FORTH)
  • L. Petychakis (1997-1998) (Department of Chemistry, University of Crete and FORTH)

E. Visiting scientists

  • Dr. M. Pilar Ortiz Serna (2006) (Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, with Prof. Diaz Calleja)
  • B. Bazaiou (2000), P. Hondrokoukis (2000), S. Paraskeua (1997), G. Belis (1997), G. Koutalas (2002), R. Dounavi (2003) (Department of Chemistry, University of Athens, with Prof. N. Hadjichristidis).
  • A. Gottwald (1999) (University of Dresden, with Prof. M. Stamm)
  • Dr. A. Wewerka (1999) (Technical University of Graz, with Prof. F. Stelzer)
  • Dr. J. Pathak (1998, 1999) (Penn State, with Prof. R. Colby)
  • Dr. T. Reisinger (1998) (MPI-P, Mainz, with Prof. G. Wegner)
  • K. Kratze (1998) (Deutsches Kunststoff Institute, with Prof. I. Alig)